Frog Leap Pool System Reviews

My Honest Review of the Frog Leap Pool System

After carefully considering various pool sanitization options, I decided to invest in the Frog Leap Pool System. Boasting substantial claims of revolutionizing pool care by drastically cutting down chlorine use and streamlining maintenance, my expectations were quite high. Here’s my in-depth review of this talked-about mineral-based pool sanitizing system.

Steps of using the Frog Leap Pool System

Overview of the Frog Leap Pool System

When I encountered the Frog Leap Pool System, the idea of using mineralsto maintain pool health piqued my interest. The system's promise of up to 50% reduced chlorine usage while keeping the water crystal clear was particularly appealing. The system's blend of minerals and a minimal amount of chlorine works together to create what’s branded as Fresh Mineral Water® - a claim any pool owner would be tempted by.

Setting Up the Frog Leap Pool System

Steps to Get Started

Selecting the system after going through numerous positive Frog Leap pool system reviews, I prepared for the installation. The process was:

  • Unboxing: Inside the box were the Frog Leap Infuzer and the essential mineral and torpedo pacs needed.
  • Installation: Fixed beyond my pool’s filter, the Infuzer was a breeze to install. It was simply a matter of following the included guide, and it was functioning within the hour.

Understanding the Components

  • Frog Leap Infuzer®: The core of the system that manages water flow and mineral dispensing.
  • Anti-Bac Mineral Pac®: This contains the sanitizing minerals and needs replacement every six months or after one pool season.
  • Torpedo Pac®: Comes with pre-measured chlorine and needs to be changed every one to three weeks.
  • Frog Leap Pool System Featured

Regular Use and Maintenance

Setting the System

Initiating the system was as easy as placing the Anti-Bac Mineral Pac and the Torpedo Pac into the Infuzer. An adjustable dial on the Infuzer simplifies the water flow modulation, affecting sanitizing levels.

Consistent Care

  • Mineral Pac Changes: Occurs every six months or with every season change.
  • Torpedo Pac Monitoring: Requires weekly checks and typically sustains for one to three weeks.
  • Water Testing: Ensure proper mineral and chlorine balance using Frog’s unique test strips, avoiding excessive chlorination.

Pros and Cons


  • Decreased chlorine usage
  • Simplified pool care routine
  • Softer water that's gentler on the skin


  • Initial investment cost
  • Lack of a clear indicator for empty Torpedo Pac
  • Torpedo Pac for the Frog Leap Pool System

Personal and Community Feedback

My Personal Experience

The Frog Leap System has greatly enhanced efficiency in pool maintenance. Notable benefits include:

  • Clarity: A remarkable improvement in water clarity.
  • Softness: Reduced chemicals have made the water much softer on the skin.
  • Maintenance: Decreased frequency in chemical balancing.

Reports from Other Users

John A. Tolhus III - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"The Frog Leap system works great! Easy to maintain and clear water all the time."

Lynn M. Kahnk - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"Best and easiest to use - a game changer for pool maintenance."

Additional Recommendations

  • Algae Protection: Apply Frog Leap All-Out® every three months for reliable algae protection.
  • Test Strips: FROG test strips are most suitable given the low chlorine levels the Frog Leap operates with.
  • Customer Support: Helpful for any questions or concerns regarding the system.

Final Thoughts

Is the Frog Leap Pool System worth the investment? Based on my experience and the feedback from others, the answer is definitively yes, particularly for those aiming to lessen their chlorine usage and streamline their pool care routine.

Would I endorse the Frog Leap Pool System? Without a doubt. It’s an outstanding option for new pool owners or those transitioning from high-maintenance chlorine systems, contributing a novel and easy approach to pool sanitation.

Remember, it's crucial to monitor the water balance and replace the system's components as needed. Doing so guarantees that you benefit fully from the Frog Leap Pool System, ensuring continued satisfaction as a pool owner.

Frog Leap Infuzer Kit

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